1/2 marathon training

1/2 marathon training officially starts tomorrow. Shit.

Let me tell you a few things about 1/2 marathon training.

  1. I am NOT ready for this training program – The most I’ve actually run without a walk break is 1km. Tomorrow, I’m supposed to run 5km. This is awkward. My approach is to continue walk/running as I need to until I can run the whole run. I thought about pushing back 1/2 training until I could comfortably run 5km, but I think it will probably only be a couple of weeks of me actually pushing outside of my comfort zone before I can do it.
  2. I haven’t run outside or 2 weeks – I’ve been doing most of my runs on the treadmill because it’s still pretty hot outside after work. Obviously, this isn’t ideal for actually running outside on anything other than a treadmill belt. Sure, there are some people who train exclusively on treadmills, but I need to get outside.
  3. I’m really scared – It sounds totally ridiculous, but the idea of committing to a 1/2 marathon seems crazypants. I’m not really scared of the running, because I trust that my body can do it. It’s scary because I’ve committed to it. I can’t now go, oh, actually I’ll not be running this because I didn’t train enough or I don’t want to do it. They say the first step is the hardest part. I don’t know, but it’s pretty scary!



I posted my goals for 1/2 marathon training a few weeks ago. Let’s go over those again quickly now that we can be a bit more realistic.

Goal 1: Finish – this still seems like a great goal

Goal 2: Complete every run – I’m willing to make some allowances for tiredness and injury, though really skipping runs isn’t ok.

Goal 3: No injuries – I know there isn’t a failsafe method to avoid injuries, but I’m doing all I can. Rest days, cross training, strength training, yoga. Yay.

Goal 4: Run with others – good goal. Who’s gonna be my running buddy?

Goal 5: Run early – shock horror, tomorrow, I’m running in the morning. Right now it’s 11pm and I need to be out of my house running at 6, so maybe I’ll let you know how that goes :p

Goal 6: Enter races – Levin is entered, Pencarrow is still on my list. I’m also thinking of the Porirua Grand Traverse which is in April (7.5km)

Goal 7: Have fun – I’ll keep you posted. Right now, I get a huge sense of satisfaction finishing a run. I’m hoping that sticks around!

Goal 8: Keep running – another thing I’ll let you know on!

Plan for this week: 

Monday: 5km run (I’ll be happy with 4km, outside), 15km bike (gym)
Tuesday: 5km run, pump
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: pump, 15km bike (gym)
Friday: 5km run, 10km bike
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 6km run, pump (?)


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