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Ironman March

I saw this idea on Healthy Tipping Point and thought it was an awesome idea!

I’ve also shamelessly stolen this photo.

Just kidding. This is the image I’m talking about, but while I’ll happily link to things on the first page of google images, somehow this feels rude.

So the basic idea is that you swim 3.86km, bike 180km and run 42km. That’s an ironman. But because I’m definitely not in ironman shape, I’m going to do that spread out over the month of March. Hence, Ironman March.

Seriously, how great would it be to swim in that right now?!

So, there are 4 weeks in March. You need to run 10.5km, bike 45km and swim 37 lengths of a 25m pool for each of those 4 weeks to meet the goal.

My plan is 2 bike sessions a week (aiming for 23km each session), 4-5 runs a week and 1 swim a week (UWH starts again, so I’ll be back in the pool for training and the kids do 40 lengths for their warmup, so that’s perfect!).

The bike sessions will be on stationary bikes in the gym because I can’t actually ride a bike. I’ll count a spin session if I do one as 15km (30min spin classes) I’ll also be doing pump twice a week, and my usual daily yoga.

The aim for this is to get in more cross training (biking, agh. Any tips on not having my ass hurt for days after?), and also have a goal to aim for. I love achieving stuff!

Who’s going to do Ironman March with me? It’s totally the best idea, and entirely do-able!