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Toying with doing the full Auckland marathon

As you know, I’m training for the Wellington 1/2 marathon in June, and I’m also planning on running the Auckland 1/2 marathon in November. It’s exactly 19 weeks after the 1/2, so I was planning on following another 16 week 1/2 training program, and working a bit more on speed for my second one.

Only, now I’m thinking – why not run the full in November? I’ve always wanted to run a full marathon, and it seems that being able to run a 1/2 means I’m halfway there in training. I could take a few days off to recover from the 1/2, then start an 18 week training program for the full.

Most marathon training programs start with a long run of around 10km, so I’d actually get to drop milage for a couple of weeks, which is quite nice.

I guess I’m asking if this is a silly idea. Should I stick with 1/2 marathons this year, and do a full next year, or is training to run a full marathon this year do-able?

What are your thoughts?