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1/2 marathon training partial win

Yesterday, I tried to become a morning runner and failed, going back to sleep without even attempting to get out of bed.

This morning, I made it out of bed AND outside!

I woke early and was outside within 7 minutes of getting up. Everything I needed to put on was next to my bed, so I didn’t have to stumble around in the dark searching for everything.

I really wish I got a photo of the cat, who was sitting in bed with her eyes closed, swaying. I’m 90% sure she was still asleep. Spoiler alert: When I got home, she was laying down in that same spot, fast asleep, and didn’t appreciated me rubbing my sweaty face on her.

Anyway, I got outside. It was dark. There was a moon. I took a photo. There were very few streetlights.

photo 1

I found it really hard to get running because it was cold and everything was still sleeping. I didn’t run nearly as much as I would have liked this morning, but I’m not too worried because it was my first outside run since Round the Bays.

It was pretty nice to watch the sun slowly coming up, and definitely great to feel like I was almost the only person in the world (even if I did get scared when I saw other people). Also, that light you can see? It’s a streetlight, not the sun. Stop being excited over nothing.

photo 2

I happened to choose the most hilly route possible. That wasn’t really a good move, and next time, I’m going to pick a different one. This hill doesn’t really look like much, but believe me, hauling your ass up there at 630am is no easy feat.

photo 3

I got home at 7, after a 45 min mostly walk/small amount of run. On usual mornings, I don’t shower, so this morning I showered, at breakfast at home (usually I have breakfast at work), did some yoga, packed my gym bag for pump tonight and even loaded the dishwasher and had snuggles with the kitties. I left the house at the usual time, and I have to say, I felt pretty damn productive.

Right now it’s 11am, and I’m STARVING. Lunch can’t come soon enough. I can see that this might be one downside to morning runs, although with all the extra time I had in the morning before it was time to go to work, I could actually cook something substantial. Or even better, have two breakfasts!

My plan tonight is to go to pump, then do a 1/2hr treadmill run to make up for the lack of actually running this morning. It’s SO nice to be in and out of the gym in less than two hours so I can spend more time at home laying around watching TV.

Morning running – 4 stars. Would trade again.