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Bikram hell

Last night I went to bikram. Man, it’s SO hard.


The room was WAY hotter than usual, and there were over 50 people in the class. People’s mats were touching, and everyone got sweat on by their neighbour. Gross.

Usually, no one leaves the class early, but last night, at least 10 people left early or popped out for drinks/rest breaks outside. Pretty much everyone had to sit out some poses.

About 45min in I started getting really, really dizzy. Like, worse than that usual bikram dizzy – the room was spinning and child’s pose didn’t help. I stuck it out for most of the standing poses, but as soon as we got to the floor, I started finding it really tough.

In the end, when we had about 25min to go, the instructor opened the doors to help cool things down. I was thankfully right by the door and the fresh air really helped settle my brain down.


Usually I eat this:

It’s delicious. And it had lots of fruit in it, and it’s yummy. Yay!

The only problem is it’s over $7. I can’t justify $7 on cereal unless it’s on special, so last time I was at the supermarket, I branched out to try this Weight Watchers cereal.

I thought it looked promising, being 26% fruit and all, and it was only $4, so I figured it couldn’t go wrong.

Does THIS look like 26% fruit to you?! It’s mostly that honey puffs stuff, which is basically full of air, so I’m getting starving by 11am. Today I added fruit (craisins, which are the greatest thing ever!) and it wasn’t so bad, but I think I’ll add craisins,¬†sultanas¬†and blueberries tomorrow. Maybe it’ll be more filling.

Tell me about your bikram experiences. How do you deal with the heat?

Also, what cereal do you eat? Should I just stock up when my fave is on special?