Feb Summary

Here’s my summary from February:

Total workouts: 24 (2 double days)
Total km run: 78.21
Runs: 19
Pump: 8 classes/8 hours
Yoga hours: 10.5hrs (1x 90min bikram class), the rest at home
Other classes: 1 x sculpt (pilates) class, 1 x 30min circuit.
Spin: 0
Km cycled: 0
Metres swum: 0
Rest days: 6

March goals:

  • Run 100km
  • 8 Pump classes, including 1 x 9.30am Sunday class.
  • Start my 1/2 marathon training plan (um this is starting crazy soon and I’m starting to freak out a bit!)
  • Go to 1 mini 5k race (Welly/Porirua/Lower Hutt)

Ironman March

I saw this idea on Healthy Tipping Point and thought it was an awesome idea!

I’ve also shamelessly stolen this photo.

Just kidding. This is the image I’m talking about, but while I’ll happily link to things on the first page of google images, somehow this feels rude.

So the basic idea is that you swim 3.86km, bike 180km and run 42km. That’s an ironman. But because I’m definitely not in ironman shape, I’m going to do that spread out over the month of March. Hence, Ironman March.

Seriously, how great would it be to swim in that right now?!

So, there are 4 weeks in March. You need to run 10.5km, bike 45km and swim 37 lengths of a 25m pool for each of those 4 weeks to meet the goal.

My plan is 2 bike sessions a week (aiming for 23km each session), 4-5 runs a week and 1 swim a week (UWH starts again, so I’ll be back in the pool for training and the kids do 40 lengths for their warmup, so that’s perfect!).

The bike sessions will be on stationary bikes in the gym because I can’t actually ride a bike. I’ll count a spin session if I do one as 15km (30min spin classes) I’ll also be doing pump twice a week, and my usual daily yoga.

The aim for this is to get in more cross training (biking, agh. Any tips on not having my ass hurt for days after?), and also have a goal to aim for. I love achieving stuff!

Who’s going to do Ironman March with me? It’s totally the best idea, and entirely do-able!

New Balance and their whacky shoe numbering

If you don’t know about how the New Balance shoe numbers work, you really should. Especially if you wear New Balance.

If you look inside the tongue of your shoes, you’ll see a code.

My shoes say: WR1223ST.


WR = Women’s running

1223 = model code

ST = stability

Now, just to add some confusion in the mix, sometimes those last two letters relate to colour, not the type of shoe.

You can see all of the types of codes used here.

Generally speaking, the higher the model number, the more is in the shoe. For example, the 1260s are stability shoes. They’ve got lots of stuff in them to make them rigid and cushiony, and are generally more expensive than more minimal shoes. For example, they’re significantly more expensive that 890v3, which are lightweight, marathon distance type shoes.

Another thing about stability shoes – while they’re more expensive, they also generally wear better than more lightweight shoes. Stability shoes are often good for 1000km, whereas more lightweight shoes are closer to 400-500km.

The good news is that 1 pair of stability shoes should get you through a marathon cycle, whereas you would need 2 pairs of 890s for the same cycle. Of course, the flipside is the 890s are cheaper, and you’ll probably need 2 pairs anyway (so they can dry between runs), so you might not be better off at all!

On model codes, in the past, NB has started with a number and increased that number by 1 when they released a new model. For example, the 1200 became the 1210, 1221, 1223, 1224, 1225, 1226. Then it got to 1260, which started on the new model codes. New Shoes will be labelled with versions. So the 1260 became the 1260v2. This is much easier for my brain to handle. Yay!

For a full look at NB shoe codes, check this out (check this out? WHO AM I?)

The other cool thing about NB is they’re great for people with wide feet.

They offer the following widths:

Men: 2A (extra narrow), B, D (normal), 2E, 3E, 4E, 6E (super wide)

Women: 4A (extra narrow), 2A, B (normal), D, 2E, 4E (super wide)

The great thing is that usually you can pick what size and width you are, then choose new shoes based on that. However, some shoes fit differently – for example, my 1223s have a narrower fit than the 1260v1, so I went from a D to a B in these shoes, but stayed the same side. Looking back though, I pull my laces really tight in my 1223s, so it’s possible that I didn’t need the wide fit after all.

Sometimes the different widths can be hard to find online, but usually you can find the various sizes more easily online (and NB has free shipping for every order over $200!). I’m also pretty sure that they don’t make every shoe in every width, but don’t quote me on that.

The story of how I chose my new shoes

I’ve been thinking about getting new running shoes for a few weeks now, but I couldn’t decide what to get.

My current shoes are NB 1223s. They’re an old model stability shoe that was recommended for me when I was fitted and they’ve served me well.

Since the 1223s, there have been 1224s, 1225s, 1226, 1260v1 and 1260v2 (you can read about NB shoe numbering here)

When I was choosing shoes, I wasn’t sure if I actually needed stability shoes. Maybe I should change to more lightweight shoes? I did lots and lots of research, and decided a couple of things.

First, I didn’t want to get fitted again. I know it’s maybe silly, but I feel bad doing to Shoe Clinic or whatever and getting a recommendation, then going somewhere else to buy the shoes cheaper.

Second, I didn’t want to spend an extraordinary amount on shoes (the shoes I ended up getting were $100 cheaper from the New Balance store that I bought them in as compared to Shoe Clinic.

Third, I think you should go on how they actually feel on your feet. I’ve been wrongly fitted before, and didn’t want to drop all that money if I wasn’t happy with them. I know you can usually take them back if they’re not right, but again, I’d feel pretty weird doing that.

So, after spending a very long time looking at the bottom of all my shoes, I realised that I have non-even wear on all my casual shoes (mostly wear on the outside and heel), but perfectly even wear on my 1223s, and no major evidence of heel striking. So obviously, they are doing their job stopping pronation.

Based on that, I decided stability shoes were the way to go. I decided to get 1 pair of either New Balance stability shoes or Brooks stability shoes. I also decided that I’m going to get a pair of cheaper, more lightweight shoes (probably the 890v3 or Brooks PureFlow 2, MAYBE I’ll even branch out to Mizunos) to see how I go with them. I imagine that I’ll use the lightweight shoes initially on short runs only, then stick with my stability shoes for longer runs as I tend to get a bit lazy with my footing when I’m tired. I guess we’ll see though.

I tried on both the NB 1260v1 and Brooks version, Ariels. The NB felt AMAZING on my feet – full arch support (I have high arches) and awesome forefoot cushioning. They were also pretty, which, of course, is a major consideration. The Ariels on the other hand were bulky, ugly, and the heel sat really low on my foot. I felt like my foot would slip out as soon as I started running. That’s not ideal.

So, I decided to go with the NB 1260v1s. The store didn’t have v2 in yet (they get it in June), and the biggest change between the 1260v1 and v2 is more cushioning, so v2 lasts a bit longer. I’ve decided that the savings I make now to get the v1 cheaply is worth not paying the extra $100 to get them somewhere else, and I really need replacement shoes as soon as I can. I don’t mind replacing them in June when the V2 comes out, then I can decide what the difference is for myself.

I bought them from the New Balance store in DressSmart, Tawa. They have pretty good savings, and lots of super cheap old models.

So, that’s my very long story of how I chose my new shoes. Tomorrow I go on my first run in my new shoes. Are you excited? I’m excited!

Bikram hell

Last night I went to bikram. Man, it’s SO hard.


The room was WAY hotter than usual, and there were over 50 people in the class. People’s mats were touching, and everyone got sweat on by their neighbour. Gross.

Usually, no one leaves the class early, but last night, at least 10 people left early or popped out for drinks/rest breaks outside. Pretty much everyone had to sit out some poses.

About 45min in I started getting really, really dizzy. Like, worse than that usual bikram dizzy – the room was spinning and child’s pose didn’t help. I stuck it out for most of the standing poses, but as soon as we got to the floor, I started finding it really tough.

In the end, when we had about 25min to go, the instructor opened the doors to help cool things down. I was thankfully right by the door and the fresh air really helped settle my brain down.


Usually I eat this:

It’s delicious. And it had lots of fruit in it, and it’s yummy. Yay!

The only problem is it’s over $7. I can’t justify $7 on cereal unless it’s on special, so last time I was at the supermarket, I branched out to try this Weight Watchers cereal.

I thought it looked promising, being 26% fruit and all, and it was only $4, so I figured it couldn’t go wrong.

Does THIS look like 26% fruit to you?! It’s mostly that honey puffs stuff, which is basically full of air, so I’m getting starving by 11am. Today I added fruit (craisins, which are the greatest thing ever!) and it wasn’t so bad, but I think I’ll add craisins, sultanas and blueberries tomorrow. Maybe it’ll be more filling.

Tell me about your bikram experiences. How do you deal with the heat?

Also, what cereal do you eat? Should I just stock up when my fave is on special?

Weekly roundup!

Sunday – Plank

Same day I ‘ran’ Round the Bays (recap here). It was a bit of a struggle!

Monday – plank

This was an awesome plank. Up until about 55 seconds I was feeling really solid. I pushed it out to 1min 30. Longest plank to date. Very proud.

I also ran and yogaed.

Tuesday – Pump

Pump is my fave class. I have muscles! In my arms! You can see them! Amazing.

I also ran (about 3km). Good fun.

Wednesday – Run, circuit, yoga

I was going to run then go to a yoga class at the gym, but I’m not a huge fan of the instructor. She’s really nice, but just not my kind of yoga teacher.

I decided after extensive consultation with twitter to skip the class. I ended up doing a 3km run, then a circuit. I’ll tell you more about the circuit another time, but it’s designed to be a 15min circuit with cardio and strength stuff. So you spend 1 station on a elliptical, then move on to an assisted chest press, then on to another cardio, then another weights station. You spend about 15-30sec at each station then move on.

I did one round of the circuit, but spend double the time on each station. Then I did some free hand weights, then yoga in the middle of the gym floor. I got told off by an instructor for doing a shoulder stand which I thought was totally ridic.

I also did this plank. It was really, really, really tough.

20 feb


Thursday – run, pump

Thursday night pump is my fave. There are usually less people because people get tired by the end of the week and stop coming. This means we have a more chatty class and can make requests. Wonderful!

Before pump, I did a treadmill run. I’m really beginning to like the treadmill. I know I should be running outside when I can, but while I’m still walk/running, I find it really motivating to know how fast and far I run as I’m going. I seem to push myself further, which is really good.

Friday – lunchtime treadmill run

I’ve run every day since Sunday so didn’t want to break my runstreak by missing Friday. I had plans in the evening, so my only opportunity to run was at lunch. I popped down to the gym, spent 30min on the treadmill, had a super quick shower then went back to work.

I remember how much I love working out at lunchtime. I tend to hit the 3pm slump pretty bad, but if I get out and do something at lunch, it’s not so bad. Sadly, I really can’t take more than an hour for lunch so it doesn’t really work out often. Maybe morning runs will have the same effect though, so I guess I’ll have to get up early and see.

I also spend about 20min at home doing yoga. Yay for hip stretches!

Some numbers

It’s the 20th Feb.

I’ve officially run further than I ran in January already! And I’ve run over 100km this year!

In January, I ran 42.86km. There was an injury in there where I was off for 9 days, and I was just getting back into running. Still, there were 31 days in the month and I’m pretty happy to be able to beat that only 18 days into Feb.

So far in Feb, I’ve run 58.41km. YAY! There are still 8 days left this month!

In total this year, I’ve run 101.27km. I’m pretty proud. I’d love to break over 1000km this year. Maybe it’s not heaps for some people, but it’s a pretty big deal for me!